design for you & me please

I have always been completely terrified of starting a blog. What if I am boring? What if it makes me one those annoying people who are always like read my blog, read my blog, read my blog, read my blog, read my blog, read my blog, PLEASE no SERIOUSLY read my blog.
Okay I don’t want to become that but I do want to give myself the opportunity to promote what I love to do and hopefully get some clients from this and also maybe, I don’t know, uh, inspire someone?

So, to make things a little bit shorter than where they might be headed. I’m Rachel. I own a company called Design Shop. I hope to inspire people to be creative or maybe inspire myself to become MORE creative.

I am going to be taking the time to post projects that I am working on for fun or things I have discovered via pinterest & tried OR even maybe you’re suggestions?
Below you will see some examples of things I can be hired to create for you. Typography in the household is super popular right now so I have shown below a few examples of things I could create for you.

Enjoy!- If interested in having me do some work for you my email is

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One response to “design for you & me please

  1. Good luck with your blog!

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