lovely little lists

So I said I would be posting my house to-do list to get inspired to check off a few things each month.

If anyone is like me, I enjoy making a list about anything as long as I can check things off as I go. So view the list below… trust me it is long but hopefully we will get a few things done each month to make our house grow cozier every week. I love the feel of a new house however I hate how sterile & lacking personality they can be but the blank canvas is inspiring. Watch for updates for the specific things listed below as Justin and I get them checked off!


Organize and arrange photos in each room- living room, kitchen, master bedroom, & office

Have family photographs taken to hang in our home

Make artwork- made by Justin or I to go into the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, & office

Fix edging in Melody’s bedroom- the people who originally painted the house had paint over the line where the ceiling and the wall meet- yikes!

Paint hallway, master bath, and kitchen ceiling

Order steam cleaner part so we can clean the carpets

Fix master bedroom ceiling fan or sell and buy a new one (it isn’t broken just not hooked up properly, bummer)

Rearrange and organize kitchen cabinets

Save up and purchase sectional for the living room

Patch holes in the hallway from where our awesome little beagle decided to eat the wall

Repaint the trim in office, Melody’s bedroom & bath, Master bedroom & bath, kitchen, laundry, living room and guest bathroom

Make art out of boxes (shoeboxes, etc.) – cover them in fabric

New pillows in the living room, master bedroom, & office

Purchase jars for pasta & dry goods in pantry

Purchase jars for headbands & rollers- this is such a cool project and a good way to show off your stuff instead of it hiding, can’t wait to reveal this one

Artwork for the living room, office, master bedroom & bath, laundry, and kitchen

Buy a new kitchen table or build one- really want a farmhouse table

Curtains for office, living room, and master bedroom

Purchase new master bedroom bedspread, blankets and sheets

Office chair- super picky and I don’t like anything I find

Rugs for kitchen, living room, office, and master bedroom

Print off some of my pinterest ideas and make them!

Create two art pieces “Always BE Happy” & “Never Stop Praying”- two of my favorites

Place fabric on canvas & hang as artwork

Put two small shelves in master bathroom to get things off our counter

Buy more organizers for master bathroom & guest bathroom to hold items

Designs the word EAT to hang in the kitchen- creative, right?

Purchase lamps for living room & office

Purchase bins for pantry

Justin recreate the collage he made years ago and hang somewhere in the house

Plastic organizer for the laundry room to hold brooms, mops, and other gadgets

Purchase cute bins for melody’s room to hold toys

Build a rock box or sand box for Melody

Turn recipes into custom works of art in the kitchen- cannot wait to make this one! ( anything I create for my home, can be ordered for yours- how exciting)

Turn washing/drying instructions into custom works of art- also cannot wait to make this one!

Create a custom piece of fabric for something- who knows what, maybe curtains

Purchase a lid rack to wrangle all those crazy lids in the kitchen

Use placemats for kitchen liners in cabinets

Craft paper in frames to create custom works of art

Paint Cabinet- organize all the random paint we have accumulated

Add bamboo blinds

Purchase blinds for living room, office, master bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and melody’s room

Take lazy susan out to put pots & pans where it is at

Purchase a jute rug

Learn how to make no sew curtains

Mirror for dry erase boards- way more attractive looking

Replace light fixtures in kitchen, laundry, living room, office, and master bedroom

Start recycling


Make a compost bin

Put patio lights around the back deck

Buy or build patio table and chairs

Make my own front porch swing

Plant a garden

Add flowers to front yard

Buy a grill cover

Get a debris cart for all the yuck randomness in the yard

Rent a tiller and work the land

Build a garage

Create a fire pit area in backyard

Build a guest house

Clear trees from back property

Burn brush

Finish driveway

In Ground Pool

Put a fence up around the property

Tear down back shed and clear area

There is so much more to add to these lists but it is a work in progress. How are your to-do lists coming along? Is it refreshing to you guys when things get checked off or do you have a different system?

**Below I have included a to-do list that is printable for anyone to use. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!



One response to “lovely little lists

  1. That is quite a list! It’s cool that some of your goals are easily attainable and some are big dream goals like “build a guest house.” I’m using your printable right now to make a To-Do list for work. #1 is “Get off the internet.”

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