getting somewhere maybe? lets make some goals.

It seems like every year we all start out with good intentions- the good intention to lose weight, the good intention to get organized, the good intention to eat healthy, the good intention to just “be a better person” but what happens after that first day, that first week?

Well as most of us would say life happens.

This year I did things a little differently I didn’t start out with any new year’s resolutions I grew into most of mine. I know that sounds strange but at the beginning of the year I felt very stuck and wasn’t really sure where anything was going.

The first major change was taking care of a body that at 23 wasn’t doing so well. I had a hip replacement instead of walking down the aisle (bummer) but at the end or may I say beginning of my new journey I can actually function without hurting.

The second major change was to start taking better care of myself. Once I was walking better from surgery people started telling me how much better I looked and it got me thinking oh wow I was looking really bad.

The third major change was reaching for my dreams. I realized I went to school and got a great education but I wasn’t following my heart. Yes, I enjoy my full time job but it isn’t what I am passionate about so I started up my design business and I am launching with a friend an event planning business (ah super exciting stuff!) to coincide with everything else I have going on.

So, that brings me to the whole purpose of all this rambling.

How do you constantly work towards your dreams and keep them in your mind? How do you organize your thoughts to where you know where you are going?

For me, it is two notebooks.

One notebook is filled with my daily and/or weekly to do list. I break down my tasks into something attainable and feel totally refreshed when I mark something off.

The second notebook is for my ideas- not all genius but I try. I have so many random thoughts and ideas come into my head I have broken the notebook down into categories. They are as follows:

HOME: this is for my running to-do list for my house and yard. Pinterest and other various blog sites offer so many good ideas and I don’t always have the opportunity to pin the idea or print it so I write it down on my list and know I will come back to it eventually.

SUMMER ACTIVITIES: this applies to fall and winter as well but currently it’s summer so I make a list of things I would love to do this summer and mark them off as I go. Sometimes I see things in passing and this is a great way to remember to look it up.

THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO BUY AT SOME POINT: this lovely list is a numbered list of things that I would like to buy or receive as a birthday gift or something. I always say to myself oh, that would be nice to have but when someone says what would you like for your birthday I tend to forget so here we go perfect solution, right? Right.

DEBT: next I keep a running list of debt. Do you know why? Of course not. Well guess what if you are still reading I am going to tell you. The debt list coincides with one of my goals so I like to see a slow progress forming from slowly paying bills off- and hoping and praying- I NEVER end up with debt EVER again. AH!

SHORT TERM GOALS: I keep a running list of goals in this notebook that I want to obtain within the next 1-2 months and see results from them. These are things such as following a budget, ordering some documents I need, weeding out the rest of my clutter, etc.

LONG TERM GOALS: I also keep a running list of goals in this notebook that I want to obtain within the next several years. These are things like when I want to be debt free, have the house paid off, be able to have 6 month savings, grow my business, etc.

The whole point is I want all of you to be inspired to search out your goals and reach for them whether it is writing them down in a notebook, placing reminders on your phone, or using my lovely printable I made for you guys and gals. The point is don’t give up on your dreams. Have a system that works for you-
create your own or follow someone else’s but I believe that everyone can end up right where they want to be. Reward yourself when you accomplish something on your list of goals- at times just being able to cross something off is really rewarding.

What are your goals for the year and how are you obtaining them?



One response to “getting somewhere maybe? lets make some goals.

  1. You have a lot to be proud of!

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