packet printables- print something pretty

Part of my design adventure is to provide my friends, clients, & the world with good inspiring design. As I scour the pages of Pinterest and look at empty walls in my home waiting for creativity to fill them I want to create so many different pieces it makes me crazy with excitement!

Many of you have seen the cute little sayings and illustrations many home decorators and designers create to fill frames and walls- and even use for weddings and parties. Well I have decided to launch PACKET PRINTABLES.

You have the opportunity to purchase a 4×6, 5 x7, and an 8 x10 digital file for 10 dollars. I will be offering different themes such as patterns, colors, holidays (Halloween, Christmas, etc), baby showers, and weddings. These can also be personalized and be your exclusive copy for a little bit more moolah.

As you can see below, there are some examples of what I can create and will be selling. All you have do is go to your local print shop or photo place and print them off and put them where you want.

Who is ready to order?!?

* I will be posting a packet a week as options to order!


One response to “packet printables- print something pretty

  1. Awesome idea! Can’t wait to see the packets you come up with 🙂

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