Where has all the compassion gone?

As a sit writing this in my comfortable bed, I know this is not the normal topic that one would find on a design & home decor blog.

However, various events have led me to the conclusion I need to write- I need to get this out.

So, no pun intended… Where has all the compassion gone?

I know we are all bombarded in our daily lives with our fair share of disappointments, tragedy, and sadness but where have we gone astray? 

I have began making a list of causes I want to get involved in. I know, there are so many hurting people & animals out there who need love, compassion, and kindness… and maybe just maybe instead of watching one trashy reality TV show after another, complaining about how bad our lives are, or wasting away staring at the computer screen, we can make a difference. Okay, maybe I can make a difference.. cause after all sometimes it just takes one.

My new goal is to find a way to carve out time to make a difference with things I am passionate about. Like… adopting pets instead of spending hundreds on them, encouraging children to be passionate about learning, to inspire people with my design!

I will keep you posted on my venture… 

Anyone else feeling inspired lately?Image


One response to “Where has all the compassion gone?

  1. Let’s do it!

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