porch love

My mom has a habit of giving me things she doesn’t like anymore. I don’t know if you have a mom like this but in my opinion it makes me quite happy cause in the end if it isn’t my style I can change it up a little or sometimes the piece fits perfectly in my home with no extra work. In our new home we have a beautiful front porch- one in which I hope to eventually build a porch swing but for now it was sad and empty. Mom gave me a planter with flowers which unfortunately in 100+ heat died as soon as it hit July and some metal chairs and a small table to go with.
I was super stoked about the table and chairs and except the color of the chairs completely clashed with the house. AH! Eyesore!! Baby blue and white- not my thing.

So, I took a trip to the trusty Lowes. I found a wonderful color that I thought would accent the house well which was Valspar’s The Perfect Finish Interior/Exterior Paint in a satin finish. You can find it here: Paint
For this project I also needed:
– a paint drop cloth (not completely necessary but if you don’t want your grass whatever color you are painting it is advisable)
-paper towels/water (to wipe down the dirty chairs)
-spray paint
That is all I needed- I didn’t have to sand these chairs or anything. It took about two cans for both chairs but now we have beautiful chairs to sit in. I let the chairs sit outside all afternoon on the paint tarp and then set them on the porch overnight to officially dry before sitting in them.
Now, I just need to find some nice outdoor pillows to make the chairs pop. Thanks mom!

One response to “porch love

  1. A little paint makes a huge difference… this looks much more modern than the country blue 🙂

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