elf cosmetics

I am so excited to talk about my new makeup love of my life. Target is one of my favorite stores EVER. So I must share my excitement for the new cosmetics I have found at Target. Recently, I must have been living under a rock because I had no idea how many companies test on animals before they sell their products to us. I mean, everything… cleaning supplies, makeup, and even DOG FOOD. I am not here to force my thoughts and opinions and what I choose for my life on you BUT I have started to try to make better choices when it comes to home cleaners, makeup, dog food, etc. Well, ELF is AMAZING.

#1 I just bought 3 makeup brushes and eyeliner- all for 4 dollars. That means each one was a dollar each. A dollar but not dollar store quality. 

#2 All materials can be recycled.


Uh, can I get a yay? Anyway, search ELF into Target’s search online and you will find a TON of cosmetics for supppper cheap.



2 responses to “elf cosmetics

  1. Those are my kind of prices. 🙂

  2. I love their products! They’ve recently upgraded their nail polish, and the quality is so much better than it used to be for such a cheap price!

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