gobble, gobble Y’ALL

Turkey cookies- why yes that is how I spent part of my weekend. Melody, Justin and I made turkey cookies. I love when the seasons change and things get chilly. I get SUPER excited to craft like crazy and bake awesome amazingness. Yes, believe it I said amazingness.


These cookies are so super simple.

All you need is the pillsbury sugar cookie dough, some chocolate icing, candy corn, and some decorate gel/icing. It makes since for the gel to be orange but when Melody and I ventured to Kroger they were out so I let her pick. Naturally she picked the pack with teal, pink, purple and white. Can’t say I blame her ( I was secretly rooting for those colors too)

Bake the cookies at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, let them cool, and then decorate away!



You can find the link to the cookie recipe here.


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