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ho ho ho

My Gingerbread party printables are now in my Etsy shop. I am so excited for them to launch. We love making Christmas cookies around the house and I plan on these using these when we make our gingerbread men. I have so many fun holiday projects to bring to you this month. 

Tomorrow you can find a listing of all the best Christmas songs and some Christmas activities in Nashville.

Next week, I have a lot of crafts planned. 

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recipe cards

Happy Holidays! December is in full swing. I am so excited for the many projects I have to share with you guys this month. It is going to be CRAZY but super fun. First up, the gingerbread recipe cards. I am going to be posting a Christmas printable set in my Etsy shop later this week and this is the preview of what type of fun is to come. You can purchase these little cards in my Etsy shop. They are 4×6 and can be printed over and over again to organize all your holiday recipes. I can’t wait to show you more as the week goes on!



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holiday goals

This holiday season is coming up SO fast I mean it is pretty much here. Thinking back on past holidays they come and go so quickly. Therefore, I have a few goals I want to work on/accomplish this time around.

1. I want to spend a TON of time with my family.

2. I want to do a TON of crafts with Melody.

3. I want to bake a TON with my mom and Melody.

4. I want to watch Christmas movies.

5. I want to sing Christmas music LOUDLY for all to hear.

6. I want to decorate EVERYTHING.

7. I want to design and sell my beautiful CHRISTMAS PARTY PRINTABLES.

8. I want to send wonderful Christmas cards.

9. I want to snuggle and ENJOY HOT COCOA

10. I want to RELAX.

11. I want to visit SANTA. 

lovely link Thursday

Here some of my favorite blogs/link/fun stuff for the week.

One of my new favorite home decor/DIY blogs I was introduced to this week by one of my all time favorite blogs. My new favorite has a GORGEOUS home and awesome Pinterest boards to look at… she is Jessie from Cape 27 Blog.

I sincerely dig this animal cake topper. I plan on doing a project based off of some plastic animal inspiration SOON.

I absolutely adore these pillows. Again, another craft project on the brain.

I am in LOVE with this dark nursery. This another one of my fave new blogs.

This is my first favorite links weekly post. Let me know your favorites so I can check them out!

mug of love my dear



Here it is. One of most simple/awesome projects of all time. The coffee mug bake- say it with me now- The Coffee Mug Bake. Anyway, I was inspired by the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess when I saw their super cute mugs they made. So I had to make some of my own. I simply bought two mugs at Target I believe they were about 6 dollars each. Next, I wrote with Sharpie what I wanted them to say. Since these mugs are for Justin and me I thought Zebra Cakes and Sugar Lips was appropriate. And if you are asking and even if you aren’t… I am Zebra Cakes because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THOSE MOIST DELICIOUS CAKES and Justin thinks it’s a cute nickname and he is Sugar Lips cause it just popped into my head that that is what he needed to be. Justin was kind enough to do cutesy freehand illustrations on the back of my said labeled mugs. Once decorated all I had to do is to preheat the oven at 350 degrees and pop those bad boys in for 30 minutes to make the ink that I used permanent. I then let them cool in the oven cause I mean who really wants to touch a hot cup anyway?

In the end they looked like this:ImageImage


I think now I am going to make a little one for Melody. I’ll let you know how that one turns out!

mermaid birthday party

My precious Melody turned 5 at the end of October. I am launching an event planning business with my best friend (the site will launch at the end of this month) and I have launched my Etsy shop which will have the party printables that you can buy and print yourself to arrange how you would like.

Melody wanted an Ariel Party and I wanted something beautiful/princess like that did not have 100% Ariel everything. I believe we came up with a great combination. I made her cake, all the signs/cupcake toppers arranged all the table decor.

On the Eventive website, when it launches you will be able to see more how the how-to/reasoning that I placed and created things the way I did.

You can visit my Etsy shop here.




gobble, gobble Y’ALL

Turkey cookies- why yes that is how I spent part of my weekend. Melody, Justin and I made turkey cookies. I love when the seasons change and things get chilly. I get SUPER excited to craft like crazy and bake awesome amazingness. Yes, believe it I said amazingness.


These cookies are so super simple.

All you need is the pillsbury sugar cookie dough, some chocolate icing, candy corn, and some decorate gel/icing. It makes since for the gel to be orange but when Melody and I ventured to Kroger they were out so I let her pick. Naturally she picked the pack with teal, pink, purple and white. Can’t say I blame her ( I was secretly rooting for those colors too)

Bake the cookies at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, let them cool, and then decorate away!



You can find the link to the cookie recipe here.