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porch love

My mom has a habit of giving me things she doesn’t like anymore. I don’t know if you have a mom like this but in my opinion it makes me quite happy cause in the end if it isn’t my style I can change it up a little or sometimes the piece fits perfectly in my home with no extra work. In our new home we have a beautiful front porch- one in which I hope to eventually build a porch swing but for now it was sad and empty. Mom gave me a planter with flowers which unfortunately in 100+ heat died as soon as it hit July and some metal chairs and a small table to go with.
I was super stoked about the table and chairs and except the color of the chairs completely clashed with the house. AH! Eyesore!! Baby blue and white- not my thing.

So, I took a trip to the trusty Lowes. I found a wonderful color that I thought would accent the house well which was Valspar’s The Perfect Finish Interior/Exterior Paint in a satin finish. You can find it here: Paint
For this project I also needed:
– a paint drop cloth (not completely necessary but if you don’t want your grass whatever color you are painting it is advisable)
-paper towels/water (to wipe down the dirty chairs)
-spray paint
That is all I needed- I didn’t have to sand these chairs or anything. It took about two cans for both chairs but now we have beautiful chairs to sit in. I let the chairs sit outside all afternoon on the paint tarp and then set them on the porch overnight to officially dry before sitting in them.
Now, I just need to find some nice outdoor pillows to make the chairs pop. Thanks mom!

a picture worth a thousand pictures?

So I don’t know about you but I find myself pinning A LOT of things on Pinterest but never create them. Well I made a vow/goal (see last blog post for my thoughts on goals) to start actually creating the things I pin for my home. With all these bare walls in sight they need it.

My first project is a clothespin picture frame.

For this project you will need:

  • 1 package of small clothespins
  • Some thin jewelry wire (you can find it in the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby)
  • Personal photographs – I had about 25-30 laying around waiting on a frame
  • Any size but preferably 16×20 or larger empty frame
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • 6 screws & a screwdriver or drill

Ok so to start, if there is glass and a backing to your picture frame you are going to want to take that off the frame. Second, if the frame is old and ugly you might want to get some spray paint. My frame was black so I chose to spray paint it roughly white where some of the black lightly showed through. Next, you are going to turn the frame over and measure equal lengths between for three screws to go on each side of the frame and screw them in. Then you will take the wire and wrap it around one screw, stretch it across (tightly) the frame and wrap it around the other screw. Do this for each line you created. Next, you take your baby clothespins and clip the pictures to the wire. 

In the end, this is what you will have!! 

*** The great thing about this is when you get new pictures you can easily change the old ones out- great for a holiday theme or even with artwork. ***


What pinterest projects are you working on now?

lovely little lists

So I said I would be posting my house to-do list to get inspired to check off a few things each month.

If anyone is like me, I enjoy making a list about anything as long as I can check things off as I go. So view the list below… trust me it is long but hopefully we will get a few things done each month to make our house grow cozier every week. I love the feel of a new house however I hate how sterile & lacking personality they can be but the blank canvas is inspiring. Watch for updates for the specific things listed below as Justin and I get them checked off!


Organize and arrange photos in each room- living room, kitchen, master bedroom, & office

Have family photographs taken to hang in our home

Make artwork- made by Justin or I to go into the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, & office

Fix edging in Melody’s bedroom- the people who originally painted the house had paint over the line where the ceiling and the wall meet- yikes!

Paint hallway, master bath, and kitchen ceiling

Order steam cleaner part so we can clean the carpets

Fix master bedroom ceiling fan or sell and buy a new one (it isn’t broken just not hooked up properly, bummer)

Rearrange and organize kitchen cabinets

Save up and purchase sectional for the living room

Patch holes in the hallway from where our awesome little beagle decided to eat the wall

Repaint the trim in office, Melody’s bedroom & bath, Master bedroom & bath, kitchen, laundry, living room and guest bathroom

Make art out of boxes (shoeboxes, etc.) – cover them in fabric

New pillows in the living room, master bedroom, & office

Purchase jars for pasta & dry goods in pantry

Purchase jars for headbands & rollers- this is such a cool project and a good way to show off your stuff instead of it hiding, can’t wait to reveal this one

Artwork for the living room, office, master bedroom & bath, laundry, and kitchen

Buy a new kitchen table or build one- really want a farmhouse table

Curtains for office, living room, and master bedroom

Purchase new master bedroom bedspread, blankets and sheets

Office chair- super picky and I don’t like anything I find

Rugs for kitchen, living room, office, and master bedroom

Print off some of my pinterest ideas and make them!

Create two art pieces “Always BE Happy” & “Never Stop Praying”- two of my favorites

Place fabric on canvas & hang as artwork

Put two small shelves in master bathroom to get things off our counter

Buy more organizers for master bathroom & guest bathroom to hold items

Designs the word EAT to hang in the kitchen- creative, right?

Purchase lamps for living room & office

Purchase bins for pantry

Justin recreate the collage he made years ago and hang somewhere in the house

Plastic organizer for the laundry room to hold brooms, mops, and other gadgets

Purchase cute bins for melody’s room to hold toys

Build a rock box or sand box for Melody

Turn recipes into custom works of art in the kitchen- cannot wait to make this one! ( anything I create for my home, can be ordered for yours- how exciting)

Turn washing/drying instructions into custom works of art- also cannot wait to make this one!

Create a custom piece of fabric for something- who knows what, maybe curtains

Purchase a lid rack to wrangle all those crazy lids in the kitchen

Use placemats for kitchen liners in cabinets

Craft paper in frames to create custom works of art

Paint Cabinet- organize all the random paint we have accumulated

Add bamboo blinds

Purchase blinds for living room, office, master bathroom, kitchen, laundry, and melody’s room

Take lazy susan out to put pots & pans where it is at

Purchase a jute rug

Learn how to make no sew curtains

Mirror for dry erase boards- way more attractive looking

Replace light fixtures in kitchen, laundry, living room, office, and master bedroom

Start recycling


Make a compost bin

Put patio lights around the back deck

Buy or build patio table and chairs

Make my own front porch swing

Plant a garden

Add flowers to front yard

Buy a grill cover

Get a debris cart for all the yuck randomness in the yard

Rent a tiller and work the land

Build a garage

Create a fire pit area in backyard

Build a guest house

Clear trees from back property

Burn brush

Finish driveway

In Ground Pool

Put a fence up around the property

Tear down back shed and clear area

There is so much more to add to these lists but it is a work in progress. How are your to-do lists coming along? Is it refreshing to you guys when things get checked off or do you have a different system?

**Below I have included a to-do list that is printable for anyone to use. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!


house rules

*warning this is a long post* but I still hope you enjoy
Justin and I ventured out and bought our first home in September. Although I was warned not only by him but a lot of people that this was going to be a lot of work I shrugged it off and thought that the house would come together in no time. Well it is now nearing the end of May and I am now thinking wow, I feel like I have not accomplished enough in our house. I absolutely hate that feeling. I know deep down, that yes in fact we accomplished a lot but it took me a little bit to see this. So this post is basically to talk about some the random things we have done in the house so far. Of course, I didn’t take pictures of the projects before because I never really thought I would be brave enough to write any posts about my home, design, or lifestyle. BUT I changed my mind- yay for that.

Melody’s Room
First, Melody’s room has gotten the most attention- Mom and Justin painted the room a perfect shade of purple (which she loves) Second, I slowly gathered things overtime mostly from Target to build the perfect little girls room and she got some pretty awesome furniture that I used through my middle school and teenage years that is still my favorite. The butterfly hook is what I use to hang her clothes that she plans on wearing the next day or things we need to remember to take to school. Next, there is her bookcase with lots of and lots of toys as well as one of her closets that is full of them. I am still working out a system for these… haven’t tackled that to do list yet. Her other closet— Uh, yes it is in color order alphabetically, that is the OCD in me. (Mine is done this way, too) Lastly, I had this desk I used when I was little (it was a not so cute blue and cream) but we did a little paint overhaul and now it matches perfectly in her room.
Melody’s Bathroom
Her bathroom is being completed this weekend- I am currently painting it bubblegum pink. The rest of everything was previously picked. I adore the little touches that make it extra girly- all the white and pink and flowers of course!
Next is the kitchen. Why yes, we are missing a kitchen table- we got rid of ours and I haven’t found one I like so we eat at the kitchen island which works for now. I believe that Justin is going to build us a farmhouse table so we will see how that shakes out.  I did manage to move a shelf (ok Justin did) from the laundry to the kitchen and fill it with randomness… still needs some tweaking but it is getting there. I am still trying to come up with a good organizational system for the panty so we won’t even go there.
Family Room
This has become a less used room now that we moved the TV out of it, sad I know but it has been kind of neglected lately. I bought this awesome chest/drawer thing off Craigslist and stuck it in the entry way. It still needs a good sanding and staining but it works for now. I like how it greets me when I walk into the house- it was so empty in this space before. Next, we have the lovely couches and fireplace and stuff. The couches I adore- I am really into neutrals, grays, blues, and greens. I have tried to be a red and orange girl but I just never find the right shade I suppose.  I am hoping to add some more furniture rearrange, paint, and add much more artwork (like the artwork I mentioned in my last blog post).
Guest Bathroom
This was pretty simple to put together. Justin went crazy about 2 years ago at pier one and ta-dah. We have a made ready bathroom complete with décor. We added the toilet paper holder and towel ring. The shower curtain was left at our old condo and it just so happened to work out that it matched very well. I am sure eventually this room will evolve but right now it is pretty swell the way it is.
Laundry Room
I am pretty excited about this room, once we get the lawnmower and weed eater out. Yes, we have no outdoor storage or garage so they are stuck in here until we figure something out. Otherwise, I can’t wait to add some cabinets and organization in here. I think it will be super amazing looking once it is all done… I think I say that with everything though.
Office/Guest Bedroom/Workout Room
Right now it just looks like an office but we would like it to be all of the above that are listed. I found this awesome rustic table at a shop that was closing in Mt. Juliet (I was so excited to find it!) Then a few more Craigslist finds and we have what we’ve got so far. I would love to paint and add a workout area and pull out couch for guests when they come over. On that note, we need more guests I think. I will work on that *note to self, more guests
Master Bedroom
I love the large space we have to work with. We got our bedroom furniture from Ikea and thoroughly enjoy it although I thought it would be more brown, less black. Hmm. More on that later. We have hung pictures up without actual pictures (You probably noticed this in our office as well) Yikes… probably should work on that too. Justin picked out our super awesome lamps. I am pretty excited about that and we have the stuff to paint a canvas for over the bed.
Master Bathroom
We haven’t done much in here other than the shower curtain and the stuff on the sink. So, maybe more on the progress when I make some.
My closet
Justin worked his awesomeness by making me a SHOE WALL… so awesome. I believe it is my favorite thing in the world. Next, of course my clothes are in color alphabetical order. I have a space for hats and necklaces as well as purses. I want to find a way to not make the purse area so pouffy but I will eventually get there.

So there is the house in all its glory. There is so much work to be done & most of the time so little time to do it. I believe I will post my to-do list next…maybe with a little tutorial on staying organized. Yes, yes. I think that would be nice.

All the photos are now down at the bottom due to a lovely glitch.. ah!

Leave me a comment and let me know how your house is coming together. Has it been easy? What has been your biggest challenge?

P.S. I will take better quality photos next time. My phone just doesn’t cut it- time to pull out the nice camera.

more than just a coloring page

Ok, so I am behind on this blog thing.

*** A quick side note to my blog— I am adding more than design to it. I decided Justin and I have a beautiful home that needs some do it yourself love so I will be adding pictures and progress of the house as well as design ideas, paint ideas, fun family outings, and lots of other randomness. I am also going to try to post at least 3 times a week because doing every 20 days probably isn’t going to get me anywhere… just saying.***

So some of you know that I have an awesome little side kick running around with me, and no, as much as you would think I am talking about Justin, my lovely fiancé, I am actually talking about Melody.
I know that many of you know that there is so much pride that oozes- that is kind of a yucky word but oh well- out of you when there is a child in your life. It could be a daughter or son, niece or nephew, Godchild, or even a little brother or sister.  I know this because literally everything Melody does I believe is the funniest or coolest thing in the world.
Since Melody is in preschool many parents, grandparents, or other special people know that you get a TON of paper that comes home- some of it is important like schedules and papers to sign and send back but some of it is artwork. A lot of it is oddly shaped or made from scrap paper (which is awesome because I like to be resourceful) But if you are like me, I have no clue what to do with it. I have the “OMG, this is so cute, Melody this is soooo amazing” and as she walks away I think to myself do I stick in a box, do I file it away so when she is 90 she can she what she made, do I throw it away (NO NEVER?!?), or wait a BRIGHT idea… wait for it, wait for it…

I have decided to scan these images in and make my own work of art out of hers and there are so many more possibilities. A lot of things I wasn’t sure what to do with I have cropped and added my own little personalization to them & now all I have to do is by a frame and it is ready to hang!!
If you are interested in having some help framing, arranging, or having someone scan and consolidate some of your child’s artwork. Give me a yell & I would love to help you out.

As you can see below is an example of what I created for her: