a look back & a look forward

October was a crazy month- I seriously cannot believe it is over. I decided at the beginning of every month I am going to recap my month and the goals for the next month. 

In October I had a few ambitious goals, like losing 20 pounds & being more consistent with the blog. I did not lose 20 pounds but I my jeans are looser… so totally closer than what I was. I am more consistent with the blog which completely excites me. Things are starting to roll the right direction and I am so stoked. Then I some goals that were just silly/fun/adventures.. like smores, hayrides, etc. And I accomplished all of those having lots of fun.

November is a time to get organized, to make fun plans, to work even harder than last month, LAUNCH MY CHRISTMAS PRINTABLES on Etsy. This week people they are coming!! Time to get inspired and be better than what I was the day before. 


November Goals:

1. Read more books from the library 2. Create 10 new Etsy prints for the shop 3. Get my business life organized 4. Launch event website 5. Post 2 Party Printable packets to Etsy and the site 6. Make a new recipe 7. Decorate with pinecones 8. Smile more 9. Enjoy my family 10. Go to antique stores 11. Lose 10 pounds/ Exercise more 12. Drink Apple Cider 

A few things to look forward to on the blog this month…

Turkey Cookies, Sharpie Mugs, Moodboards & weekly favorite links on other sites.


shoe love


Two of my favorite things- flats and gold shimmery wonderfulness- where do you find these you ask? FOREVER 21.. I trying to start a system on how to keep up with items you need or at least a way to do it. More on this later…

epic fail

Today I was going to write about an awesome project with a picture of Melody, modge podge, and a canvas…. well GUESS WHAT… I epic failed. The project messed up and it looks well lets say very very bad. So instead I am choosing to give you a look at what is coming up next week and how excited and hopeful for the future of my blog. 

1. You get to see a sneak peak of Melody’s birthday party before you can see it on the event planning site- Eventive Events. 

2. Halloween costume fun

3. Pumpkin Painting and Halloween Decor

*Don’t forget to check out my Etsy shop A Pretty Page 
*I will be launching my stationary line on Etsy this weekend. I CAN NOT wait.
*I will also be launching the FIRST party printable packet for a Mermaid Party. Next up, Seasame Street!


elf cosmetics

I am so excited to talk about my new makeup love of my life. Target is one of my favorite stores EVER. So I must share my excitement for the new cosmetics I have found at Target. Recently, I must have been living under a rock because I had no idea how many companies test on animals before they sell their products to us. I mean, everything… cleaning supplies, makeup, and even DOG FOOD. I am not here to force my thoughts and opinions and what I choose for my life on you BUT I have started to try to make better choices when it comes to home cleaners, makeup, dog food, etc. Well, ELF is AMAZING.

#1 I just bought 3 makeup brushes and eyeliner- all for 4 dollars. That means each one was a dollar each. A dollar but not dollar store quality. 

#2 All materials can be recycled.


Uh, can I get a yay? Anyway, search ELF into Target’s search online and you will find a TON of cosmetics for supppper cheap.





This jem caught my eye while I was looking through Forever 21’s website. It looks a lot like the JCrew necklace that I love but definitely can’t afford. I love the color and it could work fall or spring. I think I might need to take a trip the their store this weekend. I enjoy shopping in the store more than online– is that just me? 




Exciting news! I launched my Etsy page. I named it APrettyPage which is my site in which I will be selling my printable wall art, special requests via YOU GUYS, and my party printables for the Event business my best friend and I are launching. The first printable birthday theme packet will be up this week and right now there are a few things up for sale. Take a look… of course when you receive the file to print it won’t have “a pretty page” across it- that is only for protecting my work until it is sold. Thanks so much and I am SO excited for this journey and next step in my life. I thank God for my talent and the drive to do this!

If you have any special requests feel free to email or call me today!